Each lasting 6 months. Upon completion in 2 years, you will be ready to study and understand Samskrit literature such as BhagavadgIta and other Kavyas. You will become proficient in speaking as well as writing in Samskrit. You need to constantly improve your listening,reading and writing skills.

It is a magic that you will start conversing in Samskrit when you attend 10 day Spoken Samskrit class (Sambhashana-Shibir) by Samskrita Bharati. Listening these tutorials will help you grasp the language quickly. Get all your doubts clarified by attending to any of the convenient contact classes or online classes.

  • Minimum age: 15/16 years
  • Course duration (per level): 6 months (February – July & August –January)
  • Total duration – 2 years (4 levels)
  • Course Material (per level): 12 lessons in each level.
  • Medium of Instruction: Kannada, English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu
  • Fee (per level): Rs. 300/- (includes course material and exam)
  • Examination Schedule: Twice a year (Tentatively February and August)
Level 1: Pravesha (प्रवेशः)

At the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Entry to learning Samskrit /Devanagrilipi
  • Enrich your vocabulary significantly,
  • Express yourself freely in Samskrit for normal day-to-day conversation,
  • Know the basics of Samskrit grammar enough to converse in simple Samskrit, and
  • Start understanding many words in Samskrit shlokas.
Level 2: Parichaya (परिचयः)

You will learn the following in this level.

  • Tense & Moods
  • Understand Sandhi – Consonants
  • Start of Slokaanvaya (Prose order of Slokas)
Level 3: ShikShaa (शिक्षा)

You learn ...

  • Participle forms
  • Basic building blocks of Prose / Poetry
  • Usage of different case endings
  • Grammar
  • Writing skills in Samskrit
Level 4: Kovida (कोविदः)

You learn the following in this level

  • Construct and split Samaasa (Compound Words)
  • Introduction to AlankaaraSaastra ( Rhetoric)
  • Understand Chandas ( Prosody)
  • Get introduced to ancient and recent poets
  • Know about Rishis, their life and works.